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gimme shelter

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Dec. 16th, 2011 | 10:16 pm
location: where no one else is
disposition: lonelylonely

I don't have any friends. I can't borrow any. I have forgotten how to make new ones... if I ever really knew.

I need to be less needy. I know that but I hurt. Is it wrong to need a friend? I need someone to hold me but no one can, no one could, and no one would.

For the past few months, I could sleep so well. I had an arm around me pulling me close like a teddy bear. I felt so warm, so safe, and secure. This was three weeks ago, so the feelings were wrong: I was not safe or secure. I need to be held like that again more than anything even if it doesn't really mean that.

I'm pretty sure that being a girl makes all of this hurt a little worse.
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